Deranged Horror Role Play

Deranged Horror Role Play
Owner - nym preui (serenity dawlish)
Flickr: Nym Preui

This sim is something Nym is very proud of. 

After losing two of her personal favorite sims in SL that was her inspiration for creating this place. She hopes everyone will enjoy the place as much as she enjoyed creating it.

 It is a public open sim. It is set for a 3 hour return. To give everyone ample time to be able to rez out their own props/poses to use. Donations welcomed, certainly never required. 

Dark theme rp sim, BDSM, RLV, Capture, Sex, Extreme RP, Fear, Torture, Snuff, Rape, Furries, Fae, Elves, demons, Beast, forest, abandoned, Post apoc, Photography, hang out. Lots of possibilities. 
Monthly Raffles for group members will go on once a month as well.
Please do come by, ALL are welcome here.