Crazy Kitty

~Crazy Kitty~

Flickr link: Photo by Ginblosom
Song Inspiration: Solar Fake - Creep

..:Store Mentions:..

Bandaids & Scratches : Nightmare x LRC - Outchie Bandaid Kit 
Materails enabled unrigged mesh, Modify bandaids to fit any body. 
Omega thigh scratches.
Marketplace store link: Fika

Mask: Nightmare x LRC - Yami Medical Mask 
Materails enabled unrigged mesh, Resize Scripted
Marketplace store link: Fika

Secondlife Destination: Harajuku  event open until 10th of Dec 2018

Hair: Magika Fever
Marketplace store link: Magika

Outfit: TL - wild think outfit 31
Marketplace store link: Tay-Lay-Designs

Ears: Sweet think Fluffy Neko Ears
Marketplace store link: Sweet Thing

Tail: Sweet Think Fuwa Tail
Marketplace store link: Sweet Thing

Bloody doll: RO - The Doll Maker - Bloody Mary Doll *Gacha item*
Inworld Store Link: Remarkable Oblivion

Creepy doll: ::LL:: Pretty Creepy Cuddle Doll - Pinkie
Marketplace Store link: Love Lace

Room: Exposeur - Padded Room - Bloody
Marketplace store link: Exposeur Poses and Props