Edit by Ginblosom

I love to test my skills and techniques on green screen photo's,
when I get the time. 

If you want to have a greenscreen pic done my price is L$300 
if I need to take the greenscreen pic as well.

If you send me a pic or link to a greenscreen 
I do it for free when I get time or feel inspired or 
you can pay me L$150 to insure that it get's done. 


You can contact me at:

Gmail: Ginblosom143@gmail.com

Please don't tag me in your greenscreens on flickr. 
You welcome to im a link to your greenscreen.

Second Life: ginblosom


Here is a sample of the type of edit's I love to do.

~ Putrid princess ~
Flickr: Ingrid von Hannibal  

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