Karl Lagerfeld challenge

~Karl Lagerfeld challenge~

Flickr Link: photo by Ginblosom
Runway inspiration: Chanel | Spring Summer 2016

Miss SL South Africa's inspiration came from the Chanel 2016 Paris Spring Summer Collection.

Karl Lagerfeld installed a Chanel airport in the Grand Palais for this collection.

The collection represented an enchanted replica of a busy airport with a laid back style and a little upgrade in elegance as the models filled the runway.
Wearing twinkling herringbone jackets and shell tops, decorated with crystal. 

Captain Karl will always be the one person who knew how to navigate Chanel in all the right directions.

This Collection reminded Miss SL South Africa of the year her own imagination took flight when she joined Second Life and found her love for modeling and Photography.

..:Store Mentions:..
*Worn by Ginblosom Miss SL South Africa at Miss SL 2019 1st Runway Challenge*

Taniska top and skirt *for Maitreya only*
Marketplace Link: Hilly Haalaan

Octavia Gloves 
Marketplace Link: Massoon

Cristy Boots 
Marketplace Link: BayN-NatioN

Shey Bella Handbag 
Marketplace LInk: MoiMoi 

Exclusively and Custom Designed
*not for sale*

Rigged Silver belt - Created By Gravelymatters *Owner of Granite Doldrums*
Blue Powder Makeup - Created by Ginblosom
Mesh Headband - texture by Ginblosom
Bead Necklace - texture by Ginblosom

..:Special Thank you:..

I want to give a special thank you to my Amazing Husband Gravely Matters for custom making the Rigged Silver Belt Accessory for me.