Neo-Japan Challenge

~Neo-Japan Challenge~

Flickr Link: Photo by Ginblosom
Style Inspiration: Cyber Goth - What is Goth

Miss SL South Africa got her inspiration from the Cybergoth fashion style because any Goth style is one of her favorite fashion styles. 

The Cybergoth fashion style did not emerge until a decade after the term Cybergoth was coined in 1988 in Berlin Germany by Games Workshop for their role-playing game Dark Future. Cybergoth combines elements of industrial aesthetics with a style associated with Gravers (Gothic ravers).  

They tend to wear clothing and accessories made of reflective materials and PVC, huge platform boots, the primary color of clothing is black with hints of neon colors. Goggles are often worn and hair extensions or falls normally have bright colors, multiple facial piercings are also worn. 

To make the style more unique, Miss SL South Africa incorporated 2 Items from Neo-Japan. The Luas Kamiko Dress and E.A.Studio Akasuna ears.

..:Store Mentions:..
*Worn by Ginblosom Miss SL South AFrica at Miss SL 2019 3rd Runway Challenge*

Dress: Kamiko Dress by Luas *Available at Neo-Japan march/april round*

Ears: Akausana Ears by E.A Studio *Available at Neo-Japan march/april round*

Boots: Demoniaz boots by Insanya

Stockings: Torn Stockings by Wearhouse

Eyeshadow: Classic Geisha by Wearhouse

Hair: Stars hair by Emo-tions

Lipstick: Black Geisha/Cross lipstick by Gravely Matters *custom for challenge*