~ Burn ~

~ Burn ~
Flickr Link: Photo by Ginblosom
Song Inspiration: The Cure - Burn

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~ The Presage by ZIBSKA ~
Feathers: The Presage set includes headpiece & headpiece orbit. Chestpiece in left & right sections with orbit, shoulders left & right as well as an additional lower adornment. The set offers 9 colour sets for feathers sections 1/2/3.
*Available @ Wanderlust Weekend from 15 - 16 Feb 2020*
Inworld event: Wanderlust Weekend 
Marketplace: ZIBSKA | Inworld Store: ZIBSKA

~ The Omen by Zibska ~ 
 Mask: The Omen mask includes color change hud by ZIBSKA
*Only Available @ZIBSKA*
Marketplace: ZIBSKA Inworld Store: ZIBSKA

*Below Items are only available at the stores*
Body: Maitreya | Head: Kathy by CATWA